Jacqueline Uriostegui

PRP/MicroNeedling Face, Body and Hair Specialist

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Jacqueline Eidelson SkinCare SpecialistJacqueline is a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Facial, Body and Hair Specialist, providing personalized wellness care to our patients at South Palm Ortho-Spine Institute. These cutting edge clinically proven formulated growth factors (PRP) can promote hair growth, skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction. Our advanced skin care products are formulated by French Chemists made in Spain. The EU has a higher level of transparency for ingredients and prevents the use of hazardous substances. This results in better safety for consumers.

We believe in the critical intersection of overall wellness and spinal health, and we're pleased to make her wide experience available to individuals seeking a healthier and more rewarding life.

Jacqueline works closely with the good people at Beauty Counter where you can purchase many of the products that Jacqueline recommends.

From 2004, Jaqueline owned and managed a highly rated upscale day spa that delivered advanced skin care using both commercial products, and specialty products developed by Jacqueline in collaboration with chemists. She is a licensed facial specialist and has worked with leaders in the field. In 2009, she sold the spa business and moved to the world of plastic surgery, working closely with two of South Florida's leading cosmetic surgeons.

She is also the Founder of U-Glow Medical P.A. which has developed a variety of wellness and longevity products, and a certified yoga instructor.

Jacqueline grew up in Southern California and spent 20 years working with a variety of airlines both domestically and internationally. She took a leave from the airline business in 2001, and used her entreprenuerial skills to develop a number of businesses. Some of her commercial ventures include:

Founding of a pet support company providing advanced services for pet owners ranging from simple pet sitting through to organic pet foods, clothing, etc. She is a strong advocate for animal rights and the company was organized to benefit pet charities such as Pet Aid.

She also started a catering company (A Jetset Affair) in 2004, specializing in service to the corporate jet market.

In 2012, Jaqueline published EAU (Earth, Apples, and yoU), a guide to nutritional foods, wellness and living green for busy suburbanites and city-dwellers.

Earth, Apples, and yoU reflects Jacqueline's interests in healthy living and environmental issues. She also works closely with the Environmental Working Group..., a group dedicated to better health through better knowledge of the environment.

The book explores the relationship of diet and health, with a special emphasis on organic and whole foods based diet. There is also a thoughtful review of some of the hazards of GMO engineered foods and our modern North American diet. The e-book is available for purchase here.

A portion of the proceeds of the book go towards water.org and local organic farmers.

Jacqueline has a wide ranging background of experience that reflects both a quick mind and an innate desire to make the world a better place.

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