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New York, NY 10075


Delray Beach
15300 Jog Road, # 107-108
Delray Beach, FL, 33446

Delray Beach
15300 Jog Road, # 107-108
Delray Beach, FL, 33446

Dr. Eidelson Only
911 Park Ave,
New York, NY 10075

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I have been taking this new "happy coffee". Within 15 minutes, it helped elevate my mood & give me
better focus. That alone would have been good enough,but something else happened that has absolutely got me STOKED! I am an avid runner & have run several marathons. 7 years ago, I developed arthritis in both of my big toes which affected my running to the point where 1 was forced to stop racing. Now only after 1 week of drinking this phenominal drink, Ihave absolutely NO PAIN in either of my feet. AND for the first time in several yeara, Ihave complete range of motion in both of my big toes! Iam sold!!!
-Jerry Truax-

I had hit a plateau in my weight loss journey. Then, I started taking the Elevate coffee in my dally shake. In my 1st 30 days, I've lost 11 lbs and a total of 13 inches in my arms, waist, hips & legs. Now I'm back to
wearing clothes that I haven't worn In 2 years!!
-Alesa Flowers-

Feeling great! I really like everything.Thank you Dan, so glad you thought of me. Who would have thought that coffee would make you feel so good!

Within 15 min. of taking Elevate Coffee, my mental clarity & focus was off the chain. I've suffered from extreme menopause symptoms for 5 yrs. The brain fog, lack of memory & fatigue were debilitating to say the least. NOW, all of that has changed & my energy throughout the day is amazing. NEVER, have I experienced a product where results happened wthin 15 min or even a day for that matter until NOW. Elevate has literally changed my life!!
And, I'm sleeping longer than 2hr Intervals & waking up feeling rested.
-Shirley Guiducci-

Grateful for Choclevate. I had my left kidney removed due to Cancer a few months ago. Wlh having one kidney, the doctor said Ihad to stop drinking coffee. I was having 3-4 cups per day. Although I drink a ton of water each day, all the coffee was dehydrating my syatem and my 1 kidney was overworked. I thought it was going to be hard to stop drinking coffee.But now, 1 cup of Choclevate in the morning does the trick. It gives me the energy I'm looking for and lasts throughout the day.
-Dale Guiducci-

I am one of those "sensitive" coffee drinkers! Only able to drink maybe a half cup due to the jitters and acidic stomach I would experience. I started drinking the Elevate Smart Coffee last month and the first few times I drank it I knew this was different in a good way. For me It feels like I have more focua, clarity and a euphoric feeling that stays with me throughout the day (including better workouts too). In past I would throw out my morning coffee and now if I cannot finish a full cup I put in the fridge and enjoy more afternoon "Elevate" on ice. Thanks big!
-Jadee Locke-

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If clients set up an account and order Smart Ship (monthly orders) they get wholesale prices!. It takes a couple weeks to receive products; the company is young (6 months) and trying to keep up with demand. They are working on quicker deliveries. They are available in US, Canada and UK next..

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Delray Beach
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