Invasive techniques in pain management involve invasion (or  insertion) of instruments and devices into the body. However, this type of pain  management is quite distinct from surgery as it involves the most minimal of  invasiveness and effect to tissue. There are a multitude of invasive pain management therapies that may be used  used to treat neck and back pain. An epidural injection places  anti-inflammatory medicine into the epidural space of your spine to reduce  nerve inflammation. By stopping or limiting nerve inflammation we may promote  healing, and speed up mother nature, thereby reducing your pain.

lthough not  always helpful, epidural injections reduce pain and improve symptoms in most  people within 3-7 days. They may provide permanent relief or provide a period  of pain relief that will allow other treatments like physical therapy to be  more effective.

Injectionsare a direct  delivery of steroids or anesthetic to nerve, joint or epidural space.  Injections into the facet, peripheral nerve, "trigger point"; and other  locations are also known as "blocks";. These may provide relief of pain (often  temporary) and can be used to confirm diagnosis. Epidural injections provide  temporary relief for severe back pain.

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