LITe® Decompression System Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

It's always been a key part of my practice of medicine, to continue to improve technique and technology. Once a new technology has been demonstrated to be safe and effective, I do my own investigation and research to evaluate whether it is appropropriate for my patients. Typically, that research will reveal a subset of patients who are ideal candidates for a new technique.

One of the most recent advances in Spine Surgery has been the introduction of the LITe® Decompression System, and the associated Surgical System. It has become an important part of my "armentarium" (a fancy word we surgeons use to describe all the resources at our disposal)

The LITe® is a system designed for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. We have been doing Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MIS) since the concept and techniques were first adopted in leading practices and research facilities across America.

The following photos will illustrate how the system works. If you have questions about its effectiveness or suitability for your condition, please contact the practice for an evaluation. We're committed to the idea that educated patients have the best outcomes.

The incisions for surgery with LITe® are small.


We place the tube through which the surgery is conducted. In some cases, the tube can be as small as half an inch in diameter.


Below is an approximation of what the surgeon sees during the surgery. As you can see, the point of MIS is to limit the size of the incision to what is actually required to complete the surgery safely and effectively.


If you were in the OR, this is what the surgery looks like.


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