During my years of practicing medicine, I've maintained a committment to adopting the most current technology, as soon as it has proven to be safe and effective, I do my own investigation and research to evaluate whether it is appropropriate for my patients. Typically, that research will reveal a subset of patients who are ideal candidates for a new technique.

One of the more exciting technological advancements in spine surgery is the use of intra-operative fluoroscopic imaging resembling a CT scan linked to computer navigation which allows real-time visualization of the spinal structures. At the South Palm Orthospine Center, we utilize the O-Arm Stealth Navigation System in MIS surgeries to see the 3-D structure of the spine in the operating room on a computer screen with amazing accuracy.

The O-arm® Imaging System provides detailed, multidimensional images and is optimized for use in spine, orthopedic and trauma-related surgeries.

During back or spine surgery, precision is everything. O-arm® technology allows the surgeon to view clear, real-time images of your body during surgery. These images allow the surgeon to see precisely where to place instruments and to make the best decisions during your surgery.


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Dr. Eidelson sees patients monthly in New York for non-operative treatment of spinal stenosis and disc herniation. Most patients do NOT require surgery.

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